The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning - documentary film

In 1949, the name Bruno Gröning dominates media headlines. Newspapers print special editions, and radio and newsreels report about him. A film is made about him. Wherever he appears, thousands of people flock to him from all over. Gröning becomes a worldwide event.

The Phenomenon Bruno Gröningplay

The Phenomenon of Healing - a documentary film

The healings continue. In the 1950's, Bruno Gröning made the headlines for extraordinary healings. When he died in 1959, many believed this phenomenon was over. But on the contrary, thanks to Bruno Gröning's teaching, people on all continents are receiving help and healing.

  • Three-part documentary film
    (98/92/102/ total of 292 minutes)
  • Entrance is free
    Donations are appreciated

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The Life of Bruno Gröning

In 1949, the name Bruno Gröning burst into the limelight overnight. There were reports in the press, on the radio and in weekly reviews. For months, the events surrounding the miracle doctor, as he was soon known, kept the new public breathless. A film was made, scientific examination committees convened, and authorities at the highest levels dealt with the case. The North-Rhine Westphalian Social Minister had Bruno Gröning indicted for infringement of the Healing Practitioners Act, but the Bavarian Minister-President, on the other hand, opined that one should not allow such an unusual phenomenon as Bruno Gröning to fail because of some legal clauses. The Bavarian Interior Minister described Gröning's activity as a "free activity of love."

Intense and contentious discussions took place at all levels of society. Emotions ran high. Ecclesiastics, physicians, journalists, lawyers, politicians and psychologists: everybody was talking about Bruno Gröning. For some, his miracle healings were gifts of grace from a higher power; for others, they were mere charlatanism. But the facts of the healings were proven by medical examinations.
Bruno Gröning was a simple workman. He was born in Gdansk in 1906 and, driven from his homeland, he immigrated to West Germany after the war. He made a living with all sorts of jobs. He had been a carpenter, a factory and harbor worker, a telegram delivery man and electrician. Now he was suddenly standing in the center of public interest. The news of his miracle healings spread around the world. Sick people came from every country, along with letters of supplication and offers. Tens of thousands of healing seekers made pilgrimages to the places where he was active. A revolution in medicine began.
But opposing forces were also present. Influential physicians, church dignitaries and former assistants did everything they could to undermine Bruno Gröning's work. Healing bans persecuted him; law suits were brought against him. All efforts to guide his work onto orderly paths were derailed, on the one hand, because of the opposition of influential social forces, and on the other hand, because of his assistants' lack of ability or their greed for profit. When Bruno Gröning died in Paris in January 1959, the very last law suit against him was proceeding at full speed. The trial was halted, and a final verdict was never reached. But many questions remained unanswered.

Healings back then

In 1949 A. Kaul, PhD., wrote a brochure about the events in Herford.

Here are a few excerpts:
Among the seekers of healing who waited in the house No. 7 Wilhelmsplatz during the night of June 17 to 18, 1949, there are also some English men and women who heard about Gröning's reputation. A German doctor appeared with three of his patients: a young man with lung and bone TB and a stiff left leg; a boy paralyzed in both legs; and a young girl with chronic nervous headaches.
Gröning does not diagnose. He simply tells the young TB patient that he should pay special attention to the bone in his left leg. "What do you feel now?" "A hot stream is running through my body." "And now?" "My left leg is tingling." "Lift your leg as high as I am doing!" Gröning shows him how, lifting his own knee up to his abdomen. The young man hesitates. "You can do it just like me!" Without any visible effort, the patient lifts his leg, which had been stiff before, into the required position. Incredulous, he keeps looking at his leg and at his physician. Is that possible? I can move my leg!" "You'll regain your health, but with you it will take time. Write to me!" And, turning to the physician: "Keep me informed!"
The boy paralyzed in both legs sits next to his mother with his two crutches: "Get up, my son!" The mother objects: "He can't get up. He is crippled! "Gröning turns his head. "You must not say that!" he nearly barks at her. "You are holding on to your child's illness! My son, get up! You can do it!" Red spots appear on the child's narrow face; his mouth is trembling, and tears roll out of his eyes. Deeply moved, the many people in the room see the boy get up from the armchair and stand alone, without his crutches. “And now, come to me!” He approaches Gröning, who looks him lovingly in the eyes, and holds his hand out to him, with shaky steps. Lovingly, he caresses the child's head and sends him back to his mother, saying, “Slowly, and practice, not too much at once, as your legs are still weak! Use the crutches for the journey home, but then you can throw them away!” The happy eyes of the child and a happy mother are his thanks.
The young girl with the chronic headaches is already healed before Gröning addresses her. No, she no longer has any pain. "Do you want to have your pain back again?" "No, no, for God's sake, no!" comes from her lips.
And the doctor? He speechlessly watches what is happening. He shakes Gröning's hand. "Mr. Gröning, I am entirely at your disposal. I have complete faith in you!"

In 1949 Dr. Trampler wrote a book about the events at the Traberhof in Rosenheim.

Here are a few excerpts:
In one of the past nights (September 5 to 6) a physician brought Karl Sch. into the house with the exciting observation that the blind man had regained his sight in the yard in front of the Traberhof. Mr. Sch. produced confirmation from the University Eye Clinic in Munich from 1949 stating: The patient Karl Sch., born August 24, 1914, suffers from tremors, corneal scarring and a congenital cataract in his right eye. His vision is 1/20. His left eye is missing. The patient is, therefore, practically blind. Reduction in his gainful employment is 125%. Mr. Sch. needs a constant companion. Signed Dr. E. Walser, Department Head. This blind man was waiting in the place where Gröning sent his healing stream, from the Bremen region at the time. Most deeply moved, he now describes how he had suddenly had the feeling that something was changing in his eye and how he then became aware of a lit-up advertisement on the roof of the Traberhof: a horse's head in the blue neon light. The whole surrounding world then began to lift from the darkness, until he could see everything well. The first medical checkup was done by Dr. Zetti, who confirmed the man's statements. The next day I drove Mr. Sch. to Munich. On the highway, he described to me which vehicles became visible from a distance of several hundred meters. He told me what could be seen to the left and right of the highway, from a church steeple close by to far away mountains. (...)In answer to my question of what he had done to receive the healing, he said that he had prayed and waited (…)
Some remarkable scenes occur when Gröning is able to give a blind person their sight back. In a few cases, when their sight returned again totally without any intervention, the happy people were almost overcome by the almost incredible change in their destiny. As Gröning explained to me, there are some people among them who were born blind and to whom the whole visible world needs to be explained first.

In 1950/1951 Anny, Baroness von Eschenbach noted various occurrences that had taken place around Bruno Gröning in the Weikersheim Guest House in Grafelfing.

Here are a few excerpts:
One day, a distressed looking young woman and a young girl of about nine sat in the second row. When Gröning asked her, "Well, Mother, what do you feel?" she answered, "Unfortunately nothing, Mr. Gröning!"
"Well, Mother, don't keep looking back to the past! The terror of it all is still inside you. You have to let go of it first. It was during a bombing attack. You were in a kind of garden house and were buried and you were 8 months pregnant. When you were rescued, the child came into the world blind. Is that right?"
Amazed, the woman answered. "Yes, exactly!"
Then Bruno Gröning told her, " Well now, don't think of that terrible time any more. But firmly believe and ask God for His help! You won't need to bring the little child with you anymore, so long as you, the mother, firmly believe."
Eight days later the woman was back. The sorrowful expression was gone. She was literally rejuvenated. This time when Gröning asked her, she replied, "Yes, today warmth is trickling through me, and I feel happy and free." "Have courage now! Stick with it. It will happen soon."
A week later, the woman was there again, and right in the middle of his lecture, Bruno Gröning walked up to her, stood still and said, "Mother, on Thursday at 5:20 p.m., take your little child into a darkened room. She will see, but, because she has never seen colors or shapes yet, she would get frightened and the shock could make her sick. Let her slowly get used to everything in her surroundings!"
As this case particularly interested me, I inquired and found out somewhat later that everything happened exactly as Bruno Gröning had said, down to the very minute. Some years later, I asked Bruno Gröning himself about the child again and found out that she can see normally as though she had never been blind.
Once a young woman with a face as white as snow was brought in on a wheelchair. During the lecture, she lost consciousness and looked as though she was dead. Bruno Gröning just gave her a quick look and reassured the people around her who were getting somewhat worried, especially the man by her side. After barely half an hour, she woke up, stretched, red-cheeked, climbed out of the wheelchair, and walked towards Gröning, still a little unsure, but with a radiant, amazed look in her eyes. "It's fine, my good woman, when one can stand on one's own legs again like that and one's little heart beats normally again. But don't try and catch up on the lost years right away. Just lead your body slowly back to doing its job!" When the woman wanted to thank him, Gröning told her,
"Thank God! I am just His little helper, prove now that you are a true child of God!"
The man who had brought her in stood up and said with a moved voice, “Mr. Gröning, I am her husband and also a physician. For me, my wife was incurable, although I had tried everything. But she had only one wish, and that was to come to you. I was convinced that she would pass away on the drive here, as she suffered from such a severe heart ailment that every movement was life threatening. I am deeply shaken by this miracle and can hardly believe it!”
Crying with joy, he pushed the empty wheelchair out and sat down next to his wife and listened to the two-hour lecture. He often looked questioningly at his wife from the side, as if he needed to get used to the sight of his healthy wife.
There would often be deaf people sitting at the back who would answer Gröning’s softly asked question, “Can you hear me well when I speak this loudly?” with, “Yes, I understand every word when you speak so loudly, and buzzing and humming noises have started in my head.” Everyone would laugh, as they all noticed how quietly Gröning had spoken when he asked the question.

From the initial thought to the finished film

After the film 'The Miracle Apostle' was completed in 1993 and the film was showing in cinemas, preparations for a new, even more challenging project soon began: A film about the life of Bruno Gröning.
The whole of 1994 was spent with preparations and research. Archive material was reviewed, contemporary witness reports studied, more and more data and facts gathered.
In February 1995 the first hurdle was crossed. A journey of several years began following the tracks of a phenomenon. Over 80 eyewitnesses were interviewed. Places from Gdansk to Paris were visited. Dramatic reenactments were filmed and original photos from film archives collated. Hundreds of photos, slides and documents were copied. The last interviews were done at the beginning of 2000, the last documents filmed in 2002.
An outstanding event was the Traberhof scene in May 1997, with more than 2,000 extras. Weeks of preparations were needed. The extras had to be found, along with hundreds of costumes, the technical equipment, a film team, and permits.
The first extras had already arrived in the morning. Although shooting only began after dark, hundreds of cars and dozens of busses soon turned up. The space slowly filled up in front of the farm house, which with some remodeling, props and borrowed material, was recreated to look like the Traberhof near Rosenheim of 1949.
The film team included over 70 people who took care of hair and makeup, costumes, props, lighting etc. As soon as it got dark, things got going. Everything had to be done by dawn. Some of the equipment suddenly failed. Then there were problems with the camera. Spare parts had to be fetched from Munich ...
In spite of all the difficulties, everything was in the box shortly before sunrise. By 6 a.m. the space on which over 2,000 people had just been camping was swept clean. No trace remained of the events of the night.
Altogether over 70 hours of filming were shot. This huge amount of material had to be viewed, edited and cut. It soon became clear that they couldn't stick to the original concept of creating a film for just one evening. The subject could not be dealt with in just two hours; the life of Bruno Gröning could not be squeezed into the usual format. The film runs for almost five hours.

An unusual subject, an unusual film, an unusual format.

The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning


Bruno Gröning (1906 - 1959) became known worldwide in 1949 through countless healings on the spiritual path. This happened after the successes of his work were made public. More and more people flocked to him for help.

However, some leading doctors of the Medical Administration refused to accept this and caused a healing prohibition to be decreed by the local authorities. They accused Gröning of contravening the Healing Practitioner Act. However, this ban was illegal because he never treated in the medical sense. Nevertheless, throughout the rest of his life he was pursued publically by this allegation.

With compassion and selfless love for others he fulfilled his mission, until he went home. In the film, more than 50 people report about their personal experiences with him.

Viewers' Comments

Jana P., Bad Bevensen

I saw the film on October 5. Days later, I am still very impressed and touched by the story of Bruno Gröning. The film imparts high moral standards: rich and poor are the same. What's emphasized is human beings as human beings, honesty... I am fascinated by Mr. Gröning, by all the people he helped, who were sympathetic to him ... I find the objective reports very valuable and hope that his legacy will endure.

Tina S., Potsdam

The film brought me much closer to Bruno Gröning as a human being. ... I especially noticed his total love for all creatures. I also particularly noticed again how free from egoism this man was. I often felt a strong tingling in my body and needed some time to sort myself out afterwards. The film gave off intense energy for me. Also: my highest respect to the makers of the film.

Walter K., Vienna

... it's especially good that the empathetic and loving Bruno Gröning was shown. In the end, it is God's love that heals. I could distinctly feel this healing stream of love.

Marion N., Munich

A most impressive film, showing how our connection to God can work much healing for us human beings. God is life. God is love. God is self-knowledge. The fight against Bruno Gröning is outrageous, as he only wanted to do good.

Regina G., Wollbach

We liked the film, and it impressed us very much. The pictures and the statements of eyewitnesses were very informative. The film went by very quickly and we weren't bored at all. We were shocked how the media abused their power in order to harm Bruno Gröning.

Karola K., Berlin

I was deeply impressed by this film about Bruno Gröning as an example and the opposite of materialism. Giving and taking in another way. A great help for my patients.

Ferdinand T., Munich

In spite of the show's length, there was great excitement throughout the Maxim Cinema in Munich. For me, age 52, it was very interesting as recent history, because I naturally don't remember that time. But, moreover, I find the film's message and statements important and remarkable. It will keep engaging me, as well. I would have liked to see more details about the life circumstances of Bruno Gröning. The mix of documentation, reenactments and convincingly statements by eyewitnesses spoke to me and made the film lively and entertaining.

Dorothea N., Siegen

A most impressive film. I was able to revise my opinion of Bruno Gröning. (I am 92 years old.) It is definitely worth seeing the film.

Lucas W., Vienna

The film and Bruno Gröning's fate touched me most deeply. The quality of the film is excellent and facts are simply allowed to speak for themselves.

Roswitha S., Vienna

I would never have attended such a long showing if I had known the film came in three parts. I can't stand sitting for very long. But to my greatest amazement, I didn’t get any backache and I didn't get tired. I felt strengthened by a consciousness of something greater.

Luise R., Munich

Very impressive scenes, lovingly-created with a lot of sensitivity - a successful concept. The film brought one closer to Bruno Gröning as a human being. It confirms my conviction that he is a great healer.

Miriam V., Vienna

Having been advised to do so, I adopted an opened body position and did indeed constantly feel some tingling in my hands and, later, in my whole body. I felt some pulling sensations in the painful parts of my body and had the feeling as though something was being balanced in my body. I suffered from bilateral scoliosis and therefore pain in the lumbar spinal region. But no more. I was most impressed by this film. I keep allowing this healing energy to flow through me. ... I shall recommend this film to others, in any case.

The Phenomenon of Healing


At her first meeting with Bruno Gröning, Grete Häusler (1922 – 2007) experienced the spontaneous healing of 3 "incurable" illnesses. Her gratitude and her love for others were so great that she founded the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in 1979. Until she went home, she battled for all people worldwide to know about the teaching of Bruno Gröning and to experience the divine Heilstrom. More and more interested people come to the Circle of Friends through recommendations and Information Lectures, as well as through prayer to God.

"The Phenomenon of Healing" This film shows how people all over the world today attain wonderful healings. Doctors from the Medical Scientific Group comment on the healings and speak about their own experiences. Other noteworthy activities of the Circle of Friends are also presented.

All this is carried out through the efforts of 13,000 voluntary helpers and the voluntary donations of the friends. No one earns any money from it.